STLHE 201- Conference Feedback Form

Hello All Presenters at the STLHE 2010 Conference,

In order to ensure the smooth and safe delivery of our sessions and events in light of the G20 Summit activities, the STLHE 2010 Conference Committee have decided to shift the conference to alternate buildings on the east side of the Ryerson campus.  It is with deep regret that the portions of the program originally scheduled for OCAD will be moved, but it is the most prudent course of action.

Fortunately, this move actually provides greater ease of presentation. Laptops are no longer required as all of the newly assigned rooms are equipped with podiums compatible with presentations on CDs or on USB sticks. The podiums offer overheads, data projectors, speakers, microphones on the podium and lav mics. Additional cables or extension cords will not be needed.

We will be providing a speaker ready room with technicians available where you may test your presentations in advance and learn how to operate the equipment.  Volunteer session monitors will also be on hand in each of your rooms not only to provide an introduction but also to troubleshoot in case of problems.

Nearly all rooms come equipped with white boards. We will provide markers. With the white boards available, please review your requests for flip charts and let us know if they are still needed.

The detailed program is now posted here. We would encourage you to check your sessions for accuracy and email if any corrections are needed.

Please be reminded that the session time limit is 50 minutes and endeavour to be on time as tight scheduling will prevent you from going over. Volunteers can assist with discreet timekeeping.

If you would like to get feedback about your session, download this form and bring with you to your session, we anticipate that the number of participants per session to be between 35-50.

Thank you for your continued support of the conference.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

STLHE 2010 Program Committee